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Evaluation of the entire cross-section and the entire length of the deep foundation element measuring heat generated by curing cement to assess the quality of drilled shafts/bored piles, augured cast in place (ACIP), continuous flight auger (CFA), or drilled displacement piles, slurry walls, barrettes, soil nails and jet grouted columns.  This test is conducted in conformance with ASTM D7949-14.

Access to TIP Data: Click Here


  • Evaluates concrete quality inside and outside the reinforcing cage

  • Accelerates construction with tests conducted during concrete curing

  • Reveals necking or inclusions, bulges, variations in concrete cover, shape of shaft and cage alignment

  • Thermal Wire® Cables can replace access tubes

  • Thermal Aggregator Units (TAG) allow for real-time data review via the Cloud

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