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Ground Stabilization and Shoring Design


SACL's engineers are renowned for their proficiency in shoring design techniques and have designed state of the art shoring systems for many projects from residential retaining walls to large-scale excavations and cofferdams with innovative and efficient engineering. SACL Engineers are very well versed in the design of soldier piles with lagging, sheet piles, secant piles, tangent piles, cofferdams, trenches, and open excavations.


The company has a pioneering approach to shoring design. Their team of expert engineers has developed state-of-the-art solutions offering unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Effective shoring design requires a meticulous approach that considers various factors to ensure structural integrity, safety, and efficiency. Engineers at SACL meticulously analyze site conditions, including soil properties, groundwater levels, potential for ground improvement, and adjacent structures, to develop customized plans tailored to the specific project requirements.


Appropriate shoring techniques are selected based on site constraints and project objectives. Advanced computational modeling and analysis techniques are employed to simulate different loading scenarios via bidirectional testing and assess the performance of the proposed shoring design under various conditions. Factors such as construction phasing, construction equipment access, and environmental considerations are also taken into account during the design process. The final shoring design not only addresses immediate construction needs but also factors in long-term stability and durability, ensuring that the structure meets or exceeds regulatory standards and client expectations.


Ground Stabilization and Ground Improvement

SACL is the leader in ground stabilization engineering and ground improvement design. With a reputation built on decades of experience and innovation, SACL has consistently delivered solutions for a wide array of projects, ranging from residential projects to monumental endeavors such as dam construction.

With a track record of successfully tackling complex challenges and delivering exceptional results, the company continues to set the standard for excellence in ground stabilization engineering. Their unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction cements their position as a trusted partner for projects of any scale and complexity.

Beyond their technical prowess in ground improvement, SACL distinguishes itself through a commitment to innovation and sustainability. By leveraging the latest advancements in materials and construction methodologies, they not only enhance project efficiency but also minimize environmental impact. This dedication to sustainability underscores the company’s status as a forward-thinking leader in the field of engineering.

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